Social Networking

Information is delivered and received very different compared to 20 years ago.  The arrival of social networking has dramatically changed how to interact with people, how to express our opinion, and how we gather information.

Sites like Facebook has become a place to socialize.  You are able to add friends that you know and check out who your friend’s friends are (or even your friend’s friend’s friends).  It paints a giant map of who knows who in some sense.  It can help you meet new people, which can benefit you career-wise or personally.

The Facebook wall is like a blog, but it is usually very limiting.  The blog is the new way in which you can give out information.  Whether it’s something about your business to personal information like a party, you control what to you want to say to the world.  At the same time, users/readers can reply to what you say.

Checking multiple blogs and news organization can be tedious.  In today fast pace world, we want to access everything with ease.  The solution is with a reader that subscribes to Really Simple Syndications (RSS).  It brings the current events to you without having you visit each blog and news organization.

Emails are still useful, but when dealing with a group, it can be confusing.  We can use a forum and create threads with multiple posts, but that can become a headache.  If you want to have a simple list with everyone’s input, you might want to use a wiki.  It’s basically a website that everyone can edit.  It’s a great way to put up a Christmas wish list to make sure no one is going to get you the same gift.  Mom can edit the wiki and tell others that she is getting you those tube socks!

Podcasting has changed traditional media.  Anyone with a camera, a computer, and internet access can make a video and share it with the world.  If you have something you want to say, the world is listening.

With so much going on constantly, the trouble becomes separating fact from fiction, truth from lies.  Social networking is a great with to stay connected to society, but we must be careful of misinformation and disinformation) deliberate lies.

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