Reflection of Chapter 1 of the Portable MLIS

Chapter 1 of the Portable MLIS gave an overall of the history of the library.  It was no surprise that the driving forces behind some ancient libraries were based on religion or were monuments to leaders.  What is fascinating was how it transformed into the modern library.  Even through periods where knowledge was started being disseminated, it was still only available to the elite.  With the intervention of visionaries like Andrew Carnegie, the modern free public library came to be.  I question whether public libraries would have ever formed if democracy never existed.

In my opinion, librarians are like defenders of democracy.  Like American soldiers, yet so different, librarians uphold the notion of freedom.  While soldiers defend freedom with weapons, librarians defend freedom with knowledge.

There are so many truths out there.  It’s impossible to be certain that anything is absolutely correct.  We lack that knowledge.  It becomes appear that a librarian’s job is not to uphold the truth, but rather be open-minded to all information.  Truth is subjective.

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