Reflection on Chapter 14 of the Portable MLIS

Chapter 14 showed ways to find a good book.  I definitely can’t read all the books in a library and I definitely won’t try.  When a student comes up to me and asks me what he/she should read, I’m pretty sure I will “suggest” something that I’ve never read.  There seems to be several sources that will an excellent resource for me to use in these situation.  Being a librarian is more than knowing all the good books to read because that’s a very subjective thing.  What I think is a good book might not be a good book for someone else.  This chapter seems to build on with the other chapters that I’ve read.  We, as future librarians, need to get to know what the members of the library like and recommend something that they might enjoy.

But there will be students who don’t know what he/she wants to read.  It would be a great thing to place some books around the library.  I’ve never pictured a library like a store, but the merchandising part of the chapter makes sense.  In the past, I have noticed that when we place new books in certain areas, they get noticed.  For us, this is usually at the high volume areas.  Sometimes, students would hang around those areas and look around.  Some of them will notice some books on display.  Perhaps, it’s just pure curiosity, but some of them do pick up the book and start reading.

For as long as I’ve been working at a high school library, I’ve been trying to build their webpage.  It’s a nightmare because the head librarian doesn’t seem to know what she wants.  As I keep change the links and the layout, it’s said that it will never be operational.  She would tell me that it’s stupid to provide a webpage without much on it, but I would disagree.  One of the pages will be ‘Recommended Books’.  It would be a great place for students to make recommendations to other students.  Well, at least that’s how I envision it.

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