Reflection of Chapter 15 of the Portable MLIS

Research is important to me.  It has always been important to me.  When I look at librarians, I don’t think of the stereotype old lady to hides behind her books, coming over only to tell you to be silent.  I thought of them more are keeper of information.  With such knowledge, shouldn’t they be the best to do research.

I often recall going to the school library to get the librarian to help us with research.  They often have good information or, at least, good ideas on where we could get that information.  It seems like they were always able to know something about everything.  If we focus on this notion, then shouldn’t librarians be researchers?

Being from an Applied Mathematics background, I’ve done a good amount of experimental research.  I’m definitely aware of surveys.  This past week, I’ve spent a good portion of my time doing, more or less, a historical research project.  It was rather interesting, but at the same time, rather unsettling.  I guess I would like a clear cut answer to questions, but there won’t always be one.

I’m a little concerned about transaction log analysis.  I’m sure the government has been doing something of this nature to most of people, but it’s somewhat unethical to keep track of member of a library.  It has a ‘Big Brother’ feel to it.  Someone is clearly watching, but who should really have access to this information?  When can we expect to have some privacy?  I find it interesting that some people think that they have a lot of privacy, yet so much of their personal information is tracked that they are not even aware of it…

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