Starting on a bad foot: I hate Syracuse University

I hate how Syracuse University expects me to know that everything is on My Slice.  I’ve been accepted into the program June 4th.  My work did not end until like June 27th.  Paperwork has been arriving to me in a weird flow.  I thought they would have sent me a financial aid package, but then they tell me I need to fill out more paperwork.  And of course, there’s the pre-coursework I’m supposed to start before I get to Syracuse on July 16th.  But on the 16th, I get billed when turned into a late fee on July 23rd.  But of course, I did not get that piece of mail since I’m not home…  And as my class was almost over, I get an email that I have an overdue balance, but the late fee has already been applied.  As I’m trying to sort this out, I get some help.  I called to ask them to waive the late fee, but I will have to petition after I pay.  It’s getting really ridiculous.

And I thought Stony Brook was bad.  Well, Syracuse is definitely competing for that top spot…

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