For IST611

RSS is not going anywhere. It’s a little overshadowed by Twitter, but there are some major differences.  RSS is more organized.  I can organize the links in a matter that suits my needs.  Twitter can become a bombardment of links.  It can become difficult to know what’s going on with Twitter.  RSS is not a marketing tool like Twitter.  The bombardment of links might include spam.

In my opinion, there will always be people who will need RSS.  It comes in very handy for people who like to receive organized information. *coughlibrarianscough*

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5 Responses to For IST611

  1. Shannon DeSantis says:

    I completely agree Jon! I will admit I didn’t even understand what RSS feeds were all about until IST 511 but I like how organized they are and I like being able to read all of my blogs in one place.

    • joncheng says:

      Do you ever wish RSS could be more visually satisfying? I’m too much of a visual learner that RSS doesn’t quite spark my interest.

      • I’m with you. I’m also a very visual learner. I find the visual appeal lacking. Guess that is why I like Symbaloo but it’s not quite as effective, I guess. I have organized a lot with it though.

  2. mariebanach says:

    I’m with you about liking RSS feeds vs Twitter and think you hit the nail on the head when you described the latter as a “bombardment of links.” I like to receive organized information so I am guilty as charged! Perhaps someday I’ll get a better handle on Twitter but for the time being, I’ll keep my expectations on RSS feeds being the better option for me.

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