Learning with new tools

I often see a lot of teachers assigning group assignments. Google Docs would be a great tool for collaboration between group members and help put their paper together. Once the group is done with the group paper, they can share their findings with the rest of the class on a wiki.

I’ve always wanted to an assignment where students will create wiki pages where others can edit it. Once a student creates his/her wiki page, a second student will edit the page and input some errors. A third student will review the page, locate the errors, and locate sources that will explain why they are errors.

Students will hopefully pick up some very useful information literacy skills.

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4 Responses to Learning with new tools

  1. Sounds like a good idea. I think the second student would have the most fun!

  2. Marie says:

    Hi –

    I like your idea of grouping students together to work on a Wiki project together. Unfortunately, I am not sure what you mean by having the second student add errors. Do you mean that they would remove some of the correct information and add in erroneous info. for the third person to figure out? I guess I’m also a little confused about what you mean in regard to the third student finding sources that explain the errors. Do you mean that they will find the correct information which will prove what is the erroneous information? Sorry if this should be clear to me. It’s been a long day 😉


  3. Shannon D. says:

    I like your idea for the wiki project!!

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