QR codes

It’s nice to see how far the barcode has evolved. I don’t think I’m that excited about QR codes compared to the next person. Sometimes, being a Computer Science major ruins the fun.

I’ve read a lot about how other people have used these QR codes for scavenger hunt activities in the classroom. This might come in handy in a library online scavenger hunt.

For me, this technology has more value as a marketing tool. There are three things that come to my mind. The first thing I would do is put QR codes on free bookmarks, a link to the library’s website (new arrivals) and a link to book recommendations/reviews. Then I would add them next to books we are displaying/featuring. The QR codes would link students to reviews on the book (hopefully, reviews written by other students). Lastly, I would add them to newsletters to the parents, links to any special activities/events in the library.

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One Response to QR codes

  1. I’m glad that you presented some ideas to think of with respect to the marketing uses of QR codes. Putting QR codes on free bookmarks is a great idea! Thanks, Jonathan.

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